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You are
your family
deserve this care

It's not just products , it's
convenience and safety for your life.

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We are like this

You can trust!

Our commitment to quality starts from the source and is reflected in all stages of the process, including the careful choice of appropriate chemical inputs. This special attention contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts and is an integral part of our motto ' Quality from the source '.


These are products designed to make consumers' lives easier, offering practical solutions that combine savings, prevention, hygiene and cleaning. We believe that it is possible to provide a positive shopping experience without compromising quality and care for the environment.

We also work on impactful social projects with the local community, through the distribution of our products to non-profit entities and organizations, contributing to social well-being.

Therefore, by choosing a Novaera product, you join us in building a future

better and more sustainable .


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